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K-Flex Dolly Track (50' run)
K-Flex Dolly Track (50' run) K-Flex Dolly Track (50' run)

K-Flex Dolly Track (50' run)

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K-Flex Dolly Track (50' run)
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The Kessler K-Flex Dolly Track is an extremely portable, seamless, flexible dolly track. The K-Flex Track is a solid, rigid cord, but still very flexible and can be configured in a straight run, or curved in almost any radius or direction (as tight as a 9" radius). Each 50' roll can either be looped to create a 22' run, or paired with a second roll for a continuous run of 50'.

Recommended for use with the Kessler K-Pod System™ with Track Dolly Trucks*, but should also work with other dolly systems that are compatible with 1.25" diameter track. Weight capacity 300 lbs. Custom case now available.

Directions for laying out K-Flex Track using K-Pod System™.

1.) Lay out the first run of the track cord (single cord)
2.) Set two of the Track Dolly Trucks on the first cord
3.) Set the third Track Dolly Truck on the second run of cord
4.) Push the K-Pod™ down the track, feeding the second track cord under the third dolly truck to mirror the track cord runs.
5.) Once both track cords are down, roll the K-Pod™ back and forth, the length of the track, a few times to make sure the track is perfectly spaced and the K-Pod™ / dolly rolls perfectly.

Additional Info

Additional Info

In The Box K-Flex Dolly Run (50' run)
Tech Specs Physical Weight: 30 LBS
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Dimensions: 1.5" diameter x 50' long


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